Monday, February 28, 2011

The Human [Entrepreneur's] Brain

Millions have heard the myth that humans only use approximately ten percent of their brains (or it's considerable resources). Surprisingly, even more believe that the utilization of the remaining ninety percent would allow them extraordinary wisdom, capabilities & power. Well, the myth is wrong...laughably wrong. And the would-be telekinetics and rocket scientists? They're using more of their brains than they would like to admit. Luckily for me, the Cerebrum upstairs is working a lot harder than 16hrs a week (thats 10% folks, so says my TI-83) this line of work, I'll need it.

Being an entrepreneur requires a diverse set of skills. This by no means that a successful diner owner could necessarily step into the shoes of a Fortune 500 executive. But it does mean he can likely operate the register, fix the gas range, negotiate supply contracts, design a menu, and get Table 12 their drinks before his tip suffers. 'Diversity' in this sense means that one must assume a multitude of roles during the course of their 'hustle,' as it were. Adapting. Learning. Strategizing. Improving.

I have learned more about venture development - more about business - in the past year than I had in four years of college. I have held more 'jobs' within my own 2-person company than I have in the past 10 years of employment. I continue to further my knowledge every day. Forecasting. Branding. Marketing. Crafting a presentation & making the 'elevator pitch'. Understanding the intricacies of Valuation and Financing Term Sheets. As the company draws closer to 'event horizon', I push myself to be the executive that my firm demands (often encountering exhaustion in the process). So far however, I have managed to keep my head above water; more importantly, I am becoming a stronger swimmer. Good thing my brain IS 75% water - that should help keep me buoyant, at least.